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Things in common / common things

Last year in May, I attended ‘Holding Things in Common’ at Birkbeck College, University of London. It was a really thought provoking conference in which postgraduates and early career researchers discussed the compelling idea of 'things in common' - based around everyday things and objects which have special or associated meaning.

Today longer versions of these papers were made available here by Dandelion (Birkbeck's interdisciplinary postgraduate journal). Check it out Vol 5, Issue 2 (2015)!

My article focuses on the demonization of the everyday incandescent light bulb (not so everyday anymore I suppose!). Demonized? Yes, really. That thing that looms above your head dictating what you can and can't see ... that glowing thing with insidious, controlling, and dehumanizing presence. Plus, I also talk about The X-Files, Pynchon, planned obsolescence, self-help books, black holes, Stephen Hawking, Genesis, and nineteenth century Pall Mall prostitution. That's right folks - all for the price of one innocuous light bulb.

I can't believe it's taken me this many years to bring The X-Files into my work.

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