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I have particular interest and expertise in the subjects of representations of technology and the philosophy of technology. I have completed research on the technology of war and genocide through World War II and the Cold War and have examined technological accidents - especially those that infact the environment and human life (such as Windscale, Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, Fukushima). Related specialisms include artificial intelligence, posthumanism, and life extension technologies and how they are discussed in popular culture. I am also deeply interested in ideas of the human condition and have researched and taught on the links between human condition, human rights, and technological influence (including but not limited to war technologies, social media, and bioengineering) and how they are discussed in both fiction and nonfiction.


Whilst I have a particular research specialism in American literature of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, my work extends to consider the wider, global dimensions of the literature I study. Additionally, my expertise in the dynamic interaction and cultural exchange within the transnational space of online communities offers a new examination of identity, nation, and critical geographies in the contemporary. With specific expertise as a war scholar I am further concerned with how selfhood and community are disrupted and displaced through conflict, technologies of war, and crises such as environmental disasters.

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