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9th JUNE, 2023 (ONLINE) 20.00PM

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Aimed at solo parents by choice (SPBC) through egg/sperm/embryo donation, this community-based café offers attendees the opportunity to discuss current research and developments within the donor conception world and talk about how they are trying to effect positive change. This is a safe space for reflection on the solo conception pathway.

In this meeting, there will be talks from the Working Group from the publication 'Independent Family Planning: Choosing Solo Parenthood through Gamete or Embryo Donation. A guide for fertility healthcare professionals​' and from the Donor Sibling Connections UK group who recently submitted the document 'Our Say: Pre 18 Contact with Donor Siblings' to the HFEA.

This event builds on the previous event Effecting Change: Café for Solo Parents by Choice which went live on 16th November 2022 and previous STAG events. You do NOT need to have attended Effecting Change to attend this new event.


Grace Halden and members of the Working Group for the booklet Independent Family Planning will be talking about improving patient care for SPBC.

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Hayley King from Donor Sibling Connections UK will be talking about the submission of 'Our Say: Pre 18 Contact with Donor Siblings' to the HFEA. Read the report here

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Hayley king

I’m Hayley, (she/her) I currently living in Wales with my wife of 10 years. We have two beautiful children together via donor sperm IVF. My wife carried and we used her eggs. In a twist of fate, I’m also a donor conceived person too. My parents used an anonymous (sperm) donor to have me as part of pioneering IVF treatment in the early 1980s, however I didn’t find this out until much later in life. In 2019 I DNA tested myself and have located my biological father and 3 other donor siblings. It’s been something of a journey!

Over the past several years I have become more involved in educational and advocacy work around the subject of donor conception. Specifically, in January 2023 I took on the role of LGBTQ+ Director at Paths to Parenthub, an online support platform for parents via donor conception, and more recently launched my own website All Things Donor Conception. Both these roles see me supporting members of our donor conception community on a daily basis. 


I am also a founding member of the Donor Sibling Connections UK Group, a campaign which aims to open the UK Donor Sibling Link for Under 18's. If successful, this campaign would enable UK families to connect with their children's donor siblings whilst still young. 

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Hayley King Campaign (Instagram Post (Portrait)).png
Hayley King STAG talk

Hayley King STAG talk

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