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Edited Collection: 2013

Concerning Evil

Edited and introduced by Grace Halden and Gabriela Mádlo

This volume presents a diverse and extensive collection of chapters based around the discussion of evil and wickedness as represented in historical and social contexts, and in cinema and literature.

The chapters within this volume expose a need to discuss and challenge both the practise of evil and the judgement of acts and persons as being ‘evil.’ The reader will find a diverse and intriguing selection of representative texts and themes, including: discussions of the monstrous, the consideration of evil objects, a reading of the wicked language of lying and ‘bullshitting,’ and investigations of madness. A range of literature from medieval to contemporary texts, including poetry, novels, television and cinema, are considered and analysed through cultural and historical contexts in order to extend the discussion that intrigues many of us: what is evil?

Concerning Evil, ed. by Grace Halden and Gabriela Madlo (Oxford: IDP, 2013)

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Part 1: Objects and Forms of Evil

Part 2: Monsters, Witches and Evil

Part 3: Uncertainty and Judging Evil

Including pieces from Laurie F. Leach, Regan Lance Reitsma, and János V. Barcsák

Based on papers from:


Evil and Human Wickedness 14th Global Conference,, April 2013

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