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EXploration: Ruined things

Artists’ Film Biennial: Mediating Cityscapes Symposium, 29 May 2016 11-3pm

At The Institute of Contemporary Arts, London.

A visual presentation of the "pre event" of ruins in relation to the "non event" of the apocalypse; how urban exploration can be seen to both penetrate the present and occupy an apocalyptic future.


This is part of a much larger academic and photographic project entitled Ruination.


Contact me for full high res images.


Link to ICA programme here.


More on Ruination here from The Contemporary: An Exhibition 2016.



The journal article for this project is being prepared for publication and the photographic portfolio is under construction; this represents a small fraction of my work on Ruination and is intended as a sample only.

All images are under CC BY-NC-ND license. 

Sample images from the presentation

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