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Radiation Mannequin

I have conducted research into the development of nuclear technology in the 20th Century. Alongside examining how nuclear weaponry significantly impacted 20th Century life, I have also researched nuclear power. As a cultural historian, I have investigated how society has reacted to nuclear developments and have spoken at length about nuclear 'ambivalence' during the Cold War years. Radiation Mannequin reflects the pantomime of using mannequins in nuclear bunkers as evidencing human survival during nuclear crisis.


In nuclear test villages mannequins melt.


Representative images (above) taken at Kelvedon Hatch, Nuclear Bunker, UK, 2012 Images in collection: 12.

Contact me for full high res images.


The Radiation Mannequin series is now hosted at the Atomic Photographer's Guild.


The images below are older versions from the series. For the current collection go here


All images are under CC BY-NC-ND license. 

1. Bandage Dummy
2. Communications Dummy
3. Shift Dummy
4. Gas Dummy
5. Effects of Radiation
6. Sub. Reg. Police
7. Map Room Dummy
8. Royal Observer
9. Royal Observer and Special
10. On Watch
11. Fire Dummy
12. Keep Calm and Carry On
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