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A selection of short essay based films made as part of practice based research. All films are under CC BY-ND 4.0 license unless otherwise stated.

Narrating Ruins in Time

Film 1 of a series of research films for a large three year project currently seeking funding.

Research film 1 (3.11 minutes) (2018)
Ruin Research

Ruin Research

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​This film focuses on Rome; however, the project will look at Chernobyl, Centralia, Hiroshima, Fukushima, and other places of ruination. Shot on Canon 600D and edited on Gimp and iMovie Maker. I was not able to take a tripod into the sites, so the film footage is not steady. While the shuddering was not intentional, I like to think the vibrating footage may say something about the unstable nature of time in this project as ruins reflect past, present, and future ruination (what we might call, 'tremors of time'... but, as I say, this was not intentional!). I also had a private guide around some of these sites - thanks Jason.

'Exploration' films

These films are walking exploration films in which I take continuous footage as I wander through sites. While these films are all about ruination, they are separate from the Narrating Ruins in Time project (long title: Narrating Ruins in Time and Space: Sites, Testimony, and Apocalyptic Imaginings).

Buried (4.32 minutes) (2017)