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Contemporary Posthumanism

Contracted with Bloomsbury, due for publication 2021

A timely exploration of what it means to be human in the technologically enriched world of the twenty-first century, looking at developments from artificial intelligence to bioengineering and how these developments are explored in contemporary literature.

The question of what makes us human has dominated philosophical thought. In the twenty-first century, how technological development has impacted the human experience is of vital importance – especially surrounding ideas of technological evolution and the technological singularity. By Design offers a textual analysis of some key ideas regarding what constitutes the human condition in the contemporary. By Design investigates certain conceptions of the posthuman alongside a critical study of innovative twenty-first century literature, film, and television. Although the primary texts under examination are from the twenty-first century, the book also engages with a wider contextual frame and considers twentieth century theory and developments. As this book is interdisciplinary, a range of subjects including philosophy, science, and law are examined to help us explore some of the pressing questions surrounding what makes us human. Rather than seeking a finite conclusion, By Design encourages diversity and creativity of thought. We ask not to definitively answer the question of ‘what is it to be human?’ but rather to explore how key texts are working through crucial questions surrounding human experience.

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